ivii one of the winners of ChallengeUp!


Cisco, Deutsche Telekom and Intel got together for the second time in a row to launch the joint initiative ChallengeUp!  the IoT (Internet of Things). Twelve start-ups have now been selected for the next phase of the programme – including us at ivii, with our 'smart worker' solution ivii assist.


twelve start-ups – among them ivii – were selected for the next phase


As one of the twelve winning start-ups, we will take part in a seven-month incubation programme that is targeted at company founders in the sector Internet of Things (IoT).


conferences and meetings in bonn, dublin, london and berlin

As part of the programme, we will take part in remote work conferences as well as meetings in person in Bonn, Dublin, London and Berlin over seven months, where we will work on joint projects with our mentors.

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