ivii.desk is used for quality assurance and order sorting.


Quality assurance


ivii.desk captures one-dimensional and two-dimensional article codes completely automatically. Each order is checked to ensure that it is complete and correct. You benefit from quality assurance and traceability along the entire length of your company's supply chain.


Order sorting


For more efficient processing, several customer orders are often combined into one picking order (= batch order). Prior to dispatch, however, batch orders must once again be divided into individual customer orders. ivii.desk intuitively guides your warehouse staff in carrying out this task. Various markings are projected onto the individual articles so that they can be allocated to the different orders quickly and easily.

Intuitive operation – no training time


Modern human-machine communication


Ergonomic and efficient working


Process reliability and increased efficiency


"Quality is never an accident; it's always the result of intelligent efforts."


John Ruskin

Quality assurance

sorting batch orders