Manual picking


In areas with picking by hand, manual picking is a helpful method for maximum automation and accuracy. Information is displayed in your warehouse worker's field of vision with a head mounted display using augmented reality.


manual picking is a helpful method for achieving accuracy in picking.


Both hands remain free for working. Tiring and non-ergonomic eye movements that are involved with other head mounted displays are completely avoided. Another benefit is that barcodes, serial numbers as well as individual quality features you define, can be detected during the picking process at a glance.

Intuitive operation – minimal training time required
Modern human-machine communication
Works ergonomically and efficiently
Scans barcodes and serial numbers in the process
Detects individual, customer-specific quality features

Headset with integrated camera, microphone, headphones and see-through display

"Quality is never an accident; it's always the result of intelligent efforts."


John Ruskin

Optional helmet, wireless key pad and connection box

Vest with portable PC, rechargeable batteries with operating time of 6-8 hours and can be replaced during operation