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ivii.tech is the centrepiece of our technology and enables us to exceed human capabilities, providing maximum perfection and speed. Thanks to special lighting and camera technology, object characteristics are automatically recorded and processed in no time.


maximum perfection and speed


The applications of the sophisticated image processing system can be used anywhere where quality as well as increased performance is required. Whether digitizing information on packaging, facilitating the manual picking of items via a see-through display, detecting even the smallest amount of contamination, or automatically sorting items such as tablets or products from the food industry.


Photometric Stereo
ivii makes features visible that are not usually perceptible to the human eye.
Optical Character Recognition
ivii.tech digitizes details: address labels and other labels as well as information imprinted or embossed on packaging.
Dirt/Strapping detection
ivii.tech detects dirt in containers or on objects as well as strapping on packaging.
Code Reading
ivii.tech records barcodes and two-dimension codes in motion as required – from four, five, or with special applications, even 6 sides – up to a module size of 0.125 mm.
Item Identification
ivii.tech identifies objects such as tablets or products from the food industry.
ivii.tech augments objects/articles to be processed, either via a see-through display during manual picking or at a work station.

article correctly removed from a container

Order check

Sorting function: different colours are used to divide several combined orders into single orders.

Sophisticated image processing system

Vision core system
The vision core system comprises image processing plugins, including interfaces to higher-level systems, enabling us to connect our solutions with your existing software solutions.
Maintenance tool
The maintenance tool facilitates the use and maintenance of the ivii.tech and ivii.zero solutions

Changing cameras
Configuration of the image processing plugin

Simple maintenance and configuration

maximum perfection and speed

high tech
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