the next generation
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One look is enough. ivii.worker represents communication with all the senses, independent of time and space. With the help of the latest web conference and augmented reality services, valuable expertise is available at all times, wherever you need it. Fault rectification, troubleshooting and other services can be implemented quickly and efficiently.


valuable expertise available at all times, wherever you need it


Our system technicians on site are directly linked to our support network, so the time required for servicing as well as lengthy and expensive system downtimes, are reduced to a minimum. The time-consuming and costly travel conventionally associated with troubleshooting can largely be avoided.

Let the images speak for themselves.


Live images are transmitted to the service centre via the headset camera. The Hotline staff can therefore see exactly what the on-site technician can see. One look is enough and the Hotline team knows exactly what needs to be done: sketches, videos and instructions can also be displayed in the technician's field of vision using the see-through display.


solving problems quickly, efficiently and inexpensively


Information is exchanged verbally using the Communicator. Data transmission over the Internet is also cost-efficient. Our software adapts dynamically to the available bandwidths and connection technologies. Problem solved – quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. Next-generation service with ivii.worker.

tracking &

Vest with portable PC, rechargeable batteries with operating time of 6-8 hours and can be replaced during operation

Intuitive operation – no training time required
Modern man-machine communication
Works ergonomically and efficiently
Scans barcodes and serial numbers in the process
Detects individual, customer-specific quality features


Optional helmet, wireless key pad and connection box.

Headset with integrated camera, microphone, headphones and see-through display