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ivii is a spin-off of KNAPP AG. From our beginnings in this successful, globally active group, we have developed into a dynamic independent company looking to conquer the intelligent image processing market. Seven years of intensive research and development laid the foundations for our entry into the market, meaning our products are field-tested and ready for use at all times. We combine youthful energy with technical expertise that has been tried and tested to produce entirely new and innovative solutions.


vitality, agile workflows & crystal-clear transparency are the hallmarks of our corporate culture.


ivii is shaping a new era of business relations: we accompany you every step of the way, encouraging close cooperation and giving you equal say in the creation of our products. Perfection for your business is the common goal that lies at the end of our journey together.

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ivii develops intelligent assistance systems that represent an innovative combination of software and hardware components, and that integrate state-of-the-art technologies such as cloud services and augmented reality. Our objective is to shape your business processes to be as smooth, simple and efficient as possible. With image processing, sensor technology and services, we will improve the quality and performance of your company in a sustainable way.


what we strive for


We are 'business enablers' for the market requirements of our customers. Our image processing solutions improve the quality and efficiency of your business processes, while helping to considerably reduce your costs.

Our vision allows us to focus on your objectives, so we can help you do what you do, even better.


Our aim: smooth, simple and efficient business processes



roland jernej
business development
michael scheer
software development
peter stelzer
chief executive officer


bianca bein
product owner
elisabeth steinbrugger
assistance to ceo
katrin mussbacher
product management
nina kurz
sales support
christian zink
head of product management
seldin zelkanovic
application engineering
christian rauer
software development


The future is yours.


Innovation emerges from curiosity, through knowledge and an insatiable urge to rethink the status quo. This ability is what defines ivii and it is growing together with our team. This is why we are always keen to enhance our expertise with new talent. Why not become part of our global company? Work in a dynamic environment where there is space for personal growth and freedom to work independently.


We would be delighted to receive your application for the following positions:

Junior Software Developer for Image Processing (m/w)

Senior Software Developer for Image Processing (m/w)